Story Excerpt

Stephan sat down on the bed. He was so tired. Then Perseus kneeled down and started taking off his shoes. He placed his hand on Perseus’s shoulder and squeezed lightly until he looked up and into his eyes. “Please tell me what is going on.”

Perseus let out a breath slowly then stood up. He sat down next to Stephan and took his hand in his own. Using his other to rub lightly on it, he started his explanation. “We were all called to Olympus. I hate going there because well, I am not real comfortable, you know? Having no powers I feel like…I don’t know if ‘outcast’ is the right word, but definitely different than the others.”

Stephan did that snort that Perseus was beginning to really like. “I do understand the not feeling like you fit in. But at least I had Deb. Who did you have?”

Lightly squeezing his hand, he said, “Well, really to say no one is not correct. I have been given some gifts. Each given to me by one sibling or another.”

Stephan nodded. “Like the sandals and sword.”

Softly laughing, Perseus nodded. “Yeah, I also have a shield, a few other things, and Pegasus.”

Stephan sat up straight. “Pegasus? Seriously? I was joking earlier. You really have the horse with wings?”

Perseus was almost jealous until he realized his mate was fascinated, not infatuated. “Well, he is not mine to own. It does not matter that Athena gave him to me. He is his own being. He and I have an agreement. However, he is not a slave to me.”

Stephan patted his hand. “I get it. He is not your pet, he is your friend. Can I meet him one day, do you think?”

Perseus gave him the “you are not fooling me” look. “You don’t just want to meet him, you want to ride him.”

Stephan laughed. “Well duh, Perseus. I mean come on, who would not want to ride Pegasus? He is a legend and I am told one of the most beautiful beasts ever created.” When Perseus lifted his eyebrow, Stephan couldn’t help but giggle. “Okay not told but I did read it. But I guess I shouldn’t ask to ride him but I would like to meet him one day.”

Perseus hugged Stephan. “You can meet him and I will even ask if he will give you a ride.” Regretfully he let him go once again and took both of Stephan’s hands in his. “Okay, now I need to explain what is going on and how you are involved.” Stephan looked a little apprehensive at first then gave no signs of interrupting so Perseus continued. “Anyway, like I said, we were all summoned to Olympus. None of us knew why we were there until Hera and Aries walked in. They announced that they were the new rulers of Olympus and the lands below. They said we had to bow to them or die and they ordered the staffs of Poseidon and Hades. They already had Zeus’s staff in hand, which indicates ruler of that realm. However, Cronos let them know that we could fight it and they personally could not fight. However, they could use others to fight in their stead. We found out that Zeus is in Icarus, which is a prison, and the only way to let him out is to get the twelve keys. These keys are similar to the twelve labors my brother, Hercules, had to overcome, so he is guiding us. However, we were told that the twelve keys are the mates of the chosen.”

Stephan was shocked. “What the hell? The twelve keys are people? What are they expected to do?”

Perseus shrugged. “We don’t know yet. All we know is that we have to find the keys and each person chosen is mated to the key. I was chosen and you are my mate.”

Pointing his finger at himself, he said, “Me? How the heck do you know I am the key and your mate?”

Perseus showed Stephan his bracelet, Stephan noticed that the stone was glowing.

Perseus then took the small mirror sitting on the nightstand. “If you look in the mirror, you will see you have the sapphire stone earring and it glows just as bright as my sapphire on my wrist band. This tells me that you are my mate and we are meant to be together for eternity.”

Stephan was fascinated at first and then sadness came over him. He handed Perseus the mirror and lay down, turning his back to him.

“Stephan, what’s wrong?”

Stephan turned and the tears in his eyes made Perseus catch his breath. “I thought that you actually cared about me, that you were really attracted to me and instead I find out that the only reason you have been making moves on me is because I am a key to help you guys get Zeus out of prison. So I am sorry if I seem a bit depressed about that. I am tired. I think I am going to get some sleep.” With that he turned away from Perseus again and faced the wall.

Perseus couldn’t seem to get his mouth to work at first. To say he was shocked by what the man said was a real understatement but then shock turned to anger. “Now you wait just one minute!” Perseus screeched. He got ahold of Stephan’s shoulder and pulled him back toward him. “I am very attracted to you and you do mean something to me. It is not because of a stone, it is because of fate. You are my choice, not my obligation. I am very attracted to you and I plan on showing you how attracted I am to you, doc.” With that, he leaned over and kissed his mate, knowing that he was going to mate with this man before the end of this night.


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