Story Excerpt

Hercules looked up and into Micah’s beautiful brown eyes. “All I can say is that I swear to you, never again, and I do mean never again, will anyone hurt you.”

Micah could see the determination and truth in his eyes, but he didn’t understand. “Might I ask, who are you? You know my name but I still have no idea what your name is. I don’t understand how I’m not dead, how I got here, wherever here is, how I’m healing when I have not done so for many years, and how you can be responsible when I know we’ve never even met?”

Hercules gave a small smile. “I’m sorry. I’m Hercules and we are—”

Micah struggled to sit up. “Ow, ow, ow. Hercules! Like the Hercules? The Demigod Hercules?”

Hercules went with his mate and coaxed him to gently lie down. “You’re going to hurt yourself more. You need to lay back and rest so you can heal. To answer your question, yes. As for your other questions, we are at Mrs. Hamilton’s home, in a hidden room. I haven’t gotten around to asking her why she has a hidden room to begin with.” Hercules gave Micah a half smile then turned away.

Micah nodded his head. “Raiders.”

Hercules looked at him confused. “Huh?”

Looking at his mate… Wow, his mate. Heh. Who would have thought his mate would be so, so, important. He knew by the smell that they were mates. There was no mistaking it. However, what were the fates thinking? He was a nothing, a nobody… It had to be a mistake. But they say the fates never made mistakes. Did Hercules know?

“Micah, what is wrong and what do you mean raiders? Huh. Come to think of it, I think that Mrs. Hamilton did mention something like that.”

Micah was snapped back to the present. “Oh, uh…nothing. Um. Well, sometimes other prides try to take over and the women, children, and weaker need a place to go, so some people build these safety rooms. It is designed to mask smells and visually you should not be found.”

Hercules was mesmerized by his mate’s voice yet not sure of how he would react to the rest. How will his mate take the fact that he was almost killed because he was his mate and a tool to help release Zeus? Would he think that is all he wanted from him? Hercules wished they had met under different circumstances and none of this was an issue. He wished they could just go away and get to know each other.   However, that was not an option, at least not for now. They were on a time limit here and it was only a matter of time before they were found or Hera and Aries tried something else. “Okay, getting back to the explanation. I brought you here as soon as we could create a diversion. As for your not being able to heal, we believe, that is, Apollo, Athena, and myself believe, that a spell was placed on you at some point. By either a witch or a warlock, sent by Hera and Aries. This spell would not allow for you to heal, so with great injury you would die. We believe that Aries may have promised the Alpha position to the current Alpha, along with strength and stamina if he caused your death. I can’t tell you how sorry I am that they did this to you because… Well… We’re… Well that’s to say… We…”

“We’re mates, yes, I know.” Micah shyly smiled at Hercules. “Is that a bad thing? I mean I know I’m not much to look at and I am so not worthy to be the mate of the son of Zeus but—”

Hercules whipped back around to face his mate. “What? You’re fucking gorgeous! I can tell by the way the people of this village wanted to help you that you are a wonderful man and far more worthy of being my mate than I can ever possibly be for you.”

Micah looked at him curiously. “Then why are you so hesitant about us being mates?”

Hercules sighed. “It is because Hera and Aries are trying to take over Olympus and they’ve taken Zeus and placed him in Icarus, therefore we have to have twelve keys. In these keys are the mates to the twelve chosen and I’m one of the twelve chosen. I don’t want you thinking that this would be the only reason I would take you for my mate. The thing is if I do take you as my mate you will be in more danger than you could ever know.”

Tilting his head slightly and piercing his lips, he thought about what Hercules had just said then asked the question running wild in his mind. “How am I in danger?”

Hercules began to pace, wanting this conversation over with. “Hera and Aries used an Oracle to find our mates and now they’re trying to kill you all so that we can’t unlock Zeus, and I do understand how bad it makes it sound like I would only want to be your mate to save Zeus and that’s not true because I mean look at you and I’ve been hard ever since I set eyes on you and oh that doesn’t sound good either because now it sounds like I only thought of having sex with you and that could be farther from the truth, but I do want to have sex with you but that isn’t the only—”

Micah began to laugh. “Stop, stop. Slow down a minute. Let me see if I get this right. Hera and Aries have taken Zeus prisoner and in order to release him, you have to have twelve keys and I am one of those keys?”

Hercules nodded. “Yes.”


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